Flex Face Signs

Flex Face Signs

Flex face signs are the perfect solution for companies that are looking for large scale signs but do not want to have panel breaks in their signs. A flex face consists of a large flexible face stretched over a tray that can house LEDs to provide illumination. The face is printed with special light-resistant inks to ensure that illumination only shows where it is meant to, giving the effect of a traditional acrylic backed metal tray. However these signs can be made to be much larger than conventional signs and are far more cost effective. We have produced flex face signs for M&S, Maplin, Jollyes and a variety of other large brands. 

ProductFlex Face


This large flex face for Maplin is fully illuminated meaning the whole face illuminates, not just the text. These signs are perfect for retail parks. 


This flex face sign uses black-out ink to ensure that only the text and logos illuminate. It’s 8 metres long and runs the length of two double doors. 


This flex face is a more cost effective option for those with a smaller budget, it’s a flexible face over a frame rather than a box and doesn’t have the internal illumination. 


This flex face is at Jollyes Pet Food Superstore in Leeds and is internally illuminated. The box itself is coated to match the RAL colour used in all Jollyes stores. 

If you’re looking for a large scale sign and you want a flawless face without any panel breaks then a flex face would be perfect for your company. Whether it’s internally illuminated, externally illuminated or non-illuminated we can offer you a solution.