Majestic Wines

These fittings were part of a roll out of flagship stores by Majestic Wine Warehouse and can be seen at locations all over the UK. The largest of these lights is situated over the main counter at the front of the store. This particular light is four metres long and is one of the larger fittings we have produced. We are not only able to make different sized fittings but also different shaped fittings. This particular fitting is a rectangle with square corners, but we can produce the same feature with rounded corners to give a softer look. The other light in this arrangement is a standard 925mm light that provides functional lighting to the tasting counter.

ClientMajestic Wines


This fitting is an Eclipsis Squared that is 4000mm long and 1000mm wide. It makes for an eye-catching and feature and is positioned over the main counter. 


This Eclipsis is a classic 925mm at 100mm depth, it illuminates the tasting counter and provides another attractive feature in the store.


This Eclipsis Squared is different from the others featured on our website as it has squared corners rather than the rounded corners. This gives is a sharper and more industrial look.


These lights are all finished in brushed stainless steel which gives them a contemporary look and complements the 6000K cool white LEDs.