Primark Atrium Rings

These rings can be found in flagship Primark stores and are usually situated in the atriums above the escalators. This selection of rings show the different sizes we can achieve as well as the different coloured LEDs that are used in Eclipsis. The largest ring in this selection is 2300mm in diameter and the smaller ring is 1600mm in diameter – both are large rings and situated together in groups like this creates a huge visual impact and an impressive feature that brings life to the space above the escalators..

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This stunning collection of different rings makes for an eye-catching feature. This collection is composed of two different sized rings – 2300mm and 1600mm.


The rings are hung over the escalators in the atriums of flagship stores and are arranged overlapping one another and at different heights to create a scattered appearance. 


The rings are made up of white rings which are illuminated using 6000K LEDs and RGB rings that are controlled by a Linear Drive which allows the user to set the colour, tone and hue.


You can see these rings in most flagship Primark stores. We’re based in Leeds and we were very proud to install them in the new Trinity centre a few metres from Leeds station.

The colour of the blue rings is achieved by using RGB colour changing LEDs. These colour changing LEDs are controlled using a Linear Drive which allows the user to change the colour, tone and hue of the LEDs to achieve a spectrum of different colours to suit any mood.