Audi JCT600

Audi JCT600

This arrangement of four rings can be found in JCT600 Audi in Lincoln, York and Hull. At first these rings seem very similar to our standard range – they contain white LEDs and have their outer edges covered by brushed stainless steel. What makes these rings unique is their size and arrangement. Each ring has exactly the same dimensions as the rings in the Audi logo which are then scaled to make the best use of the space in the atrium they are situated.

ClientAudi JCT600


These rings can be seen in the atrium of Audi JCT 600 in York. When you walk into the showroom they can be seen illuminating the mezzanine floor.


When walking underneath the rings, they come together from an abstract collection of circles and form the Audi logo.


From all other angles though, these fittings simply look like an abstract collection of circular lights positioned in a random fashion that gives a unique and contemporary look.


Each ring is a custom size that has exactly the same ratio as the rings the in the Audi logo. The rings are then scaled to fit the size of that specific atrium.

The rings are arranged in what at first appears to be a random fashion with the rings placed at random heights in each location they are situated. However when someone walks under the rings and looks upward the arrangement forms the Audi logo.