LED Solutions

We know just how important your brand is to you and your company. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and the fact we strive for perfection. We can ensure that your LEDs, whether they be for signage or lighting, will match your brand guidelines and meet your high standards.

Michael FRIEL
Managing Director

Make Sure your LEDs Match your Branding

We know that your brand guidelines are central to the integrity and homogeny of your corporate image. We also know that getting the right colour match for every different component of your print, web and in-store design to look the same can be difficult. We can help, if you have an RGB or Hex colour value as part of your brand guidelines, we can match that and produce LEDs tailored to fit your image.

Colour Match

Our LEDs are produced to match the exact RGB or hex colour that you provide, that means you can ensure that your in-store lighting and signage is exactly the same in every store.